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Alojargentina is a travel and tourism company that operates as a receptive agency offering touristy services in Argentina.

Alojargentina began 11 years ago with a dream that led to an idea, from which we created a project and developed a company.The dream of one person of expanding and transforming consciences, integrating different cultures and knowledge became the compromise of those who became part of Alojargentina.

The purpose was this within and from a company. Working every day inspiring honor in all daily activities: in the worldly action of offering a tangible product and in the immaterial sense of a serviced provided with excellence.

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Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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We welcome people from all over the world who want to visit our country. We make a difference because we fulfill our commitments, we honor our word and in this way we grow, we transform ourselves and contribute with our sense of honor to our 'Blessed Argentina.'


To be the portal towards positive, unique and memorable experiences for each person that wishes to get to know different places, landscapes and people. To expand our commitment from Argentina to the world, inspiring honor and respect for diversity.


Compromise, personalized attention, hospitality, excellence and experience add to the principles that guide us.

The country

Argentine company formed by Argentines proud of our land and origin. We love our Blessed Argentina and we are, from within, an agent for change and renewal for our future as a country.

The guests

The clients of Alojargentina are our guests, each one of them important and unique. You are our invited visitor during your stay. We accompany you from the moment you arrive until your departure. We guarantee Personalized Attention, Hospitality and Excellence in Service

Not only are we there to greet and see-off the passenger, we offer personalized assistance during the stay. What differentiates us is the personal touch, friendliness and warmth by which we are known internationally, the company's Argentine roots. This is why we are recognized as true hosts of our guests.

As our guest, we invite you to get in touch with us during your stay in Buenos Aires if you have any doubts on the apartment's handling or appliances, if you have any concerns on the lodging chosen or if you have any other inquiry we may assist you with. You'll be kindly welcomed in our head-quarters and assisted on the phone or via e-mail.

Our Staff

We combine professionalism, know how and years of experience with pleasure and enthusiasm, offering our guests a setting that meets their expectations. We find pleasure in helping you enjoy your experience of getting to know our country.

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