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Only 32 miles separate the city of Tigre the Obelisk. This corner of the north of the province of Buenos Aires, is certainly living history. The process of colonization of these lands begins with the second foundation of Buenos Aires by Don Juan de Garay. In a document dated October 24, 1580, contains a record of land distribution.
The party's name comes from an old story of hunters jaguars (American tiger). Apparently living in the region a couple of hunters very famous for their virtues when hunting these animals.
With the dizzying pace of time these regions were populated by farmers who lived with their families in the products they grew and harvested. In 1611, the council asked the administrator reports on tillage land for growing wheat and it sends the names of fifteen farmers living in the area. Thus was born the "village" that thereafter grew and strengthened social and economically.
Today the city of Tigre has become an unavoidable spot for locals and visitors.
But beyond all the activities that can be developed, it is fair to say that the main attraction is the renowned Puerto de Frutos. Login to Puerto de Frutos is installed in a different world, almost magical.
The port has three docks. From the first, depart daily excursions by catamaran Delta.
In the central basin-boats concentrated store catering to the inhabitants of the islands with the most varied products.
In the last dock are unloaded riverboats arriving laden timber logs from willow and poplar forest islands of the Delta.
Within the port is the outdoor market whose streets are dressed in colors through the rustic fabrics. Furniture, ornaments and accessories made of cane and wicker, delicious sweets and homemade honey, bright flowers and, of course, the full range of local fruits coexist in absolute harmony.