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The Abasto is an area of ​​the City of Buenos Aires in the Palermo neighborhood and part of Almagro, popularly identified with this name as its center is the old Mercado de Abasto de Buenos Aires, now a shopping center. The Abasto shopping center is the center of this neighborhood not declared as such. In this area grew up the famous singer Carlos Gardel was called the "Morocho del Abasto".

The neighborhood is known as one of the poorest neighborhoods of the city tango, as tributes Street "Carlos Gardel" has a pedestrian section, there is a monument to Gardel and is projected to make a monument to the bandoneon. 
Portrait of Carlos Gardel in the underground station is named, the work of Leon fileteador Untroib.
The Mercado del Abasto neighborhood center, operated until 1984 when it was closed. Its closure forced a renewal of most nearby premises.

The market was reopened in 1998 as a shopping mall.