Buenos Aires Neighborhoods > Belgrano

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Belgrano is a residential and distinguished neighborhood, named after Manuel Belgrano, one of the most important protagonists of Argentine history.

Its silent streets full of trees have shops, restaurants, architectural relics and large green spaces. The “Barrancas de Belgrano” (slopes) are one of the most outstanding spots in the neighborhood. Together with some other important spaces in the city, they were designed by the famous landscape artist Carlos Thays, who also created the Botanical Garden.

From its very beginning, this zone was used for residences and institutions and its inhabitants belonged to a social group related to leading and intellectual classes of Buenos Aires, so among its buildings, one may distinguish important houses, embassies and petit-hotels. But its high towers with gardens date from the recent eighties.

Cabildo Avenue crosses it and has innumerable bus lines, as well as the recently inaugurated subway that takes the passenger to the city centre, across Palermo, Barrio Norte and Universities neighborhoods to reach Florida Street.

It is next to the north zone, that is, Vicente López, San Isidro, etc. so you may visit some more residential areas. In Belgrano, one may find any kind of shops, selling from designer clothes to furniture, as well as restaurants, bars, theatres, museums and various cinemas. On weekends, there is a crafts street market near the Cathedral with musical shows, juggling and drama plays.