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Buenos Aires Downtown
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Buenos Aires Downtown

It is the nerve centre of the city and as such, has a lot of traffic during working days, as many professionals and companies have their offices there.

It is worth visiting 9 de Julio Avenue, the widest avenue in the world, and reaching its intersection with Corrientes Avenue, right where the Obelisk _the city’s irreplaceable joint_ is situated. Besides, Corrientes Avenue, is a must visit concentrating cinemas, theatres, bars, restaurants and shops, but particularly, bookshops _open until very late at night_ where any kind of publication may be found.

There are many bus lines taking the tourist to every city spot and to the province, as well as the subway that runs across all of Corrientes Avenue. One may walk along Florida, a pedestrian street full of diverse shops, mostly selling leather clothes, and pedestrian Lavalle Street with its cinemas, bars, restaurants and even a large Bingo.

Florida Street ends in San Martín Square, which is beautiful with its great trees and flowers and is near Retiro train and bus station.