Cod. PA104

Building for sale in Palermo

PH is a modern 3 floors with 2 units of 2 rooms in each. The racial landscape of the departments, one on the front and one at the front counter guarantees maximum light through large windows.

In line with the concept of Modern PH, we have among the most notable aspects of the significant balconies, terraces, balconies, and / or terraces and the very low cost.

It is in a prime location on the border between Belgrano and Palermo Hollywood, with access to the wide variety of services the first and the glamor of its bars, restaurants and shops in the case of the latter. At the same time offers easy access from the north and center of the city and a variety of public transportation between buses, subway and trains.

The area is located in real estate development, but retains the appearance and tranquility of the neighborhood with big trees and little noise. For all these reasons is a unique opportunity for both home and professional use.