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My Beloved Buenos Aires

Argentina’s Capital, Buenos Aires, is one of the largest cities in the world. Gateway to the country, this metropolis is proof of the Argentinean heterogeneous essence. With its own taste of bars and restaurants and a mixture of architectural styles, Buenos Aires is a city of multiple contrasts. Melancholy is breathed in every neighborhood and, as you walk and explore it, you may perceive the spirit of tango. The tourist is marveled by Buenos Aires’s charm.

We provide you with Buenos Aires’s City Guide with suggested itineraries for tourists who have 3 days to visit it.

Día 1

Day 1

First images
of historical Buenos Aires.

Día 2

Day 2

From the city to the heart of neighborhoods.

Día 3

Day 3

The taste of tango and the charm of picturesqueness.

Otros lugares

Day Trips

A trip that will enable you to discover all the magic of Argentina’s capital.

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