> General questions

- How can I make a reservation?

  • First, you should navigate our website and choose those products and/or services of your interest and those on which you wish to make a reservation/consultation. Every time you want to choose an item, please click on "Add to My List", so the item is stored. You may save as many items as you like.

- How do I access the options of products and/or services I’m interested in?

  • You may enter the product and/or service you are looking for from the left bar, choosing the category of your interest and consult the search options in each section.

- What is an Advanced Search?

  • In some sections, you may restrict your search to some criteria. To make an advanced search you have to enter the section of your interest and click on "Advanced Search" which is generally located to the right of your screen. For example, if you wish to choose a hotel in a particular zone, you have to indicate the zone of your interest and then click on the Search button. If there are no results or you are not satisfied with them, you may search again. The more criteria you choose, the more restricted the results will be.

- How do I choose a product and/or service of my interest?

  • Once you have entered into the file of the product and/or service, you have to choose it by clicking on "Add to My List" which will be both above and below the file of the product and/or service.

- What is "My List"?

  • The idea is that you choose and save all the items on which you wish to make a reservation and/or consultation. This is a personal choice. The items will be stored only temporarily, so if you leave our website or close the window and return later, you will lose the information stored. For further details, please click here.

- How much time in advance do I need to make my reservation?

  • You need to contact us no later than 72 hours prior to your arrival or check-in date. We remind you that some services may require more time in advance in high season or long weekends. Anyway, we will not be able to guarantee availability until you have sent the information we request after having processed your reservation/consultation form.

- What happens once I have sent the Reservation form?

  • We receive your reservation/consultation request with the form you have completed via e-mail (listing the items you have chosen). We will then process it and reply to you via e-mail, indicating availability and the procedure and means of payment, among other information.
    Once you receive our reply, you may confirm your interest in making your reservation from your e-mail, following the instructions on means of payment that will be informed at the proper time.

- Within how much time will I get a response to my reservation/consultation request?

  • The estimated reply time is 48 working hours. Depending on the amount of consultations/reservations we have to process, this time may shorten or extend.

- I have sent a reservation/consultation form and after 48 working hours I had no reply. What do I have to do?

  • We recommend contacting us again, either via e-mail or on the phone, depending on the urgency of your request. The reasons why you have not received our reply may be various. To name but a few, you may have given us the wrong e-mail address (wrongly typed), the e-mail address may have temporary and/or permanent delivery errors, be full and not receive our mails, among other reasons. At some times of the year we may get a lot of e-mails that delay our optimum reply time. We do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any kind of technical failure, site failures, omissions, interruptions, delays in operation or transmission.

- When is my reservation guaranteed and confirmed?

  • The reservation will only be confirmed once all the details of a valid credit card are received or on verifying that the money sent by you has been credited, according to the procedure indicated to you for accepting your reservation. After this, and if there is availability, your reservation will be confirmed via e-mail. We remind you that the amount to be paid and means of making a reservation varies in accordance with the kind of product and/or service you wish to book. For hotels and apart hotels we will supply a single number confirming your reservation. In addition, we remind you that the present rates and conditions may vary without previous notice and are the Supplier’s sole responsibility. For more information, please consult the General Terms and Conditions and the Reservation and Cancellation Policies for each product and/or service.

- Which are the Opening Times?

  • Our offices are open Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Argentine time), except for holidays. You may phone us by dialling 54+11+52190606 if you call from abroad, or else 52190606 if you are in Buenos Aires. We may also serve you in our offices situated in Corrientes Avenue 2415 7th. Floor, but we recommend previously making an appointment on the phone, in order to provide you with a better service.

- Do I have to register as user?

  • You may consult, navigate and use our website without registering. If you wish to make a consultation/reservation on any of our products and/or services you have to complete a form. This gives us vital information to make a tailored quotation. Once the form has been completed, you will be registered. In this way, if you wish to contact us again, just enter your e-mail and password. You will not need to enter all the information again.

- I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

  • Your user name is the e-mail address you gave us when completing the consultation/reservation form. When you complete the form, our system automatically sends you an e-mail confirming your user name and the password you entered. We recommend keeping this information. If you forget your password, you may ask for it in PASSWORD RECOVERY by entering the e-mail address with which you registered. An automatic e-mail will be sent to this address, reminding you of your password.

- Which means of payment do you accept?

  • Means of payment vary in accordance with the product and/or service. Please, consult the conditions applied to each product and/or service. For more details, we suggest consulting Reservation and Cancellation Policies applicable to each particular product and/or service.

- May I cancel my reservations?

  • Cancellation policies vary in accordance with the hired products and/or services. We recommend reading Reservation and Cancellation Policies applicable to each of them.

> Questions on equipped apartments

- Which are the features offered by equipped apartments that are included in ALOJARGENTINA’s network?

  • Apartments are fully furnished and equipped, they have tableware and linen. Prices include cable TV - in some cases, satellite TV - and a telephone with controlled billing. Maid service is provided once a week and some apartments include it in the rental price. If this service is not included in the rental price, the passenger shall pay extra for it and it is obligatory. At the guest’s request, these services may be provided more often, paying an additional price.

- What time may I check-in an equipped apartment?

  • ALOJARGENTINA welcomes you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. A staff member will welcome you on your arrival at the time previously agreed on no less than 72 hour prior to check-in date.

- What is the minimum term to rent an equipped apartment?

  • Most of the apartments listed in this site may be reserved for a minimum stay of 1 week. But some properties have a longer minimum stay.

- What is the maximum term to rent an equipped apartment?

  • The maximum stay shall be of 6 months, in accordance with applicable legislation in force, with the possibility of renewing the contract for 6 months more. However, this possibility is subject to availability.

- Which means of payment do you accept for equipped apartments?

  • Payment of rent and ALOJARGENTINA’s fees shall be made solely in cash, in US dollars or/and in Euros. Only cash in US dollars, euros or traveller cheques will be accepted for the damage/guarantee deposit.

- What is a Damage Deposit?

  • It is the sum of money withheld from the guest when renting a property for a set term. The damage/guarantee deposit shall be reimbursed once the stay has finished. If there are damages, the tenant shall pay them in accordance with the cost set forth in the inventory attached to the contract.

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