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Step 1: verify availability and confirm

To make your booking process easier, faster and more comfortable, we have a new availability searcher in the web site, which can be used making the search according to some necessary criteria. You can choose your estimate dates of stay, number of guests and neighborhood among other items that could result interesting for you. Then, after clicking, you will see a list containing all the possibilities the searcher has found according to what you selected. When you enter into any of these found alternatives, you can check the information of the apartment and if it pleases you, you can book it in that very same moment.

Step 2: writing information

Once you click “booking” in the property card, you will have access to a page where you will have to fill a form with all the personal information required to confirm the booking. At the same time you will be shown a summary containing the booking information you are about to make, you will see the code of the apartment you are booking, the period of your stay, the amount of nights you will stay, the total amount of money you are going to pay, the 20% you have to pay in advance to confirm your reservation, and the guarantee deposit required to enter into the apartment. Then you will send this form and automatically you will receive a note informing you that within the next 24 hours you will be receiving an e- mail with the remaining information to make the booking and a form to complete the data of your credit card. This form can also be downloaded from the page in the “how to pay” button.

Remember that at least you have to stay for a week in any of the apartments, you can stay for a shorter period, but the minimum amount is for a week.

Step 3: payment

When you receive or download the form from the web page, you must fill the information we need of your credit card and the figures of the 20% in advance you have to pay. After completing all this information, you have to send by fax this form to this number: +54 +11 +50310732 or by e-mail since the same has to be signed by the titular of the credit card. You can also make the payment depositing in our PayPal account ( or you can pay with cash in our office located in Azcuénaga 1077 5ºC. Once we receive the 20% payment, you will be receiving an e-mail notifying you the confirmation of the booking. Here you will visualize the exact address of the apartment, the remaining amount of money for paying, and the guarantee deposit we require. We will also ask you the information of your flight in order to combine your arrival to the apartment.

The 20% you have to pay in advance is necessary to complete your reservation. The remaining 80% must be handed in cash (Argentine peso, dollar or Euro) once you arrive. Remember that if you do not have the money in cash you will not have access into the apartment. The guarantee deposit can be paid with cash or traveler checks.

Important note: your booking will be completely effective when we receive the details of your credit card by e- mail or by fax for the 20% of the booking; or once you have made the payment in our office and you have received our confirmation e-mail corresponding to your booking.

Please, take into account that the payment of the 20% in advance is not transferable and non- reimbursable.

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