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22/11/2013Rent Buenos Aires

How to balance the relationship between tenants and landlords

Most wanted the smaller departments are 1 and 2 these environments range from $ 2300 to 3500 per month the 3 main rooms between $ 3000 and $ 5500 .
There are now many thanks to the market entry of new apartments , but also many that were offered for temporary rent as many of the owners decided to put their properties on the market under a lot since traditional tourism income to country
The problem occurs at the time of contract renewal when to agree increases between 20% and 27% , when an owner has a good tenant no doubt see that part of the profitability resign and resigned from 5 to 7 points .
Another difficult point for those looking for a holiday is the guarantee, as in the province of Buenos Aires law unseizability of unique homes was issued , and that made many owners just take capital guarantees or surety bond is a good choice for both the tenant and the owners ara .
The expenses are one of the most contentious points and that in recent years the increase has to charge the expense scale , many choose to make rent and expense included packages.

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