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Temporary Rent

17/12/2013Temporary Rent

 3 room apartment , brand new kitchen, utility room, first floor staircase 3 bedrooms , very bright in quiet and accessible to subway and bus lines neighborhood supermarkets nearby.
Within this vast district of Buenos Aires live two areas marked architectural and stylistic difference : Palermo Chico , highlighting the great lakes and parks, and Palermo Viejo, a traditional neighborhood with wide streets and old houses .

Palermo guy is an area with beautiful mansions and tiny streets of Buenos Aires. Palermo Viejo is a cultural area as well as entertainment because of bars, pubs , restaurants of different styles of food , Mexican , Japanese , Creole, etc are there. There is also an area develops cutting-edge fashion and crafts made ​​by young people from Buenos Aires.

There's lots of means of transport along Santa Fe Avenue leading tourists to all parts of the city and Greater Buenos Aires. Trains and subways that take you to Belgrano and the Centre. The Zoo and the Botanical Garden are also nearby.

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