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Lot for stays of Rio , lot in central area, is not boundary nor overlooks the lagoon , on the highest part of the neighborhood , the neighborhood is the closest access to breaks from Panamericana. Meet Panamericana km 57 branch pillar .
- Landscape : The landscape broken down towards the acacia forest and the banks of the River Lujan is a unique place in Pilar and the northern area of the GBA . To this the lake that will combine with the existing landscape to create one unbeatable adds .

- Urban Design: The study Lacroze Miguens Pratti taking as central lake and the banks of the Río Luján conjugated by the existing landscape live the privacy of residential areas with pedestrian access to the Club stays and services of the Town.

Proximity / Services / pedestrian scale

- Stays River has the advantage of being very close to all services, just steps from the Club Residences and El Pueblo , 300 mts of Colegio Los Robles , which forms a pedestrian scale urbanization ( the maximum distance does not take more 5 minutes walk) . This is a very popular model in the U.S. and the world based on the ideas of urban design of New Urbanism .

- Also has the added advantage of being located in the best neighborhood breaks for being on the main entrance.
Opportunity! !

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