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18/08/2016Property Fees

Injunction: Collection of Fees rentals Caba

Judge Marcelo SEGON, owner of Court No. 17 Contentious, Administrative and Tax Matters of the City of Buenos Aires, resolved on Friday May 6 "immediately suspend Resolution No. 350/16 CUCICBA" by which the College unique Realtors enabled the collection of up to two months rent commission, applying the principle of contractual freedom for all real estate commissions, including those charged to tenants of housing, from the enactment of the new Civil and Commercial Code the nation without respect local law (law 2340) that created this professional association establishing regulations for the activity.

According to the decision of the judge at the preliminary injunction issued under a collective under -driven by the Civil Association for Equality and Justice, and Mr. Gervasio Muñoz, as tenant and member of the Renters group Grouped against CUCICBA-, pending final judgment "real estate brokers may not charge a commission to the tenant of a property destined for housing an amount exceeding 4.15% of the total value of the respective contract agreement to the provisions of No. 2340 "Law, Article 57.

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