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Buenos Aires Green Terraces

09/01/2013 - Celebrate the passage of the law of Green Terraces   12/10/2012     the member of parliament Macrista Fernando De Andreis said  that "contributing environmental and... Leer más

The properties will always going to be value refuge

04/01/2013 - The properties in Argentina can not  lower because there is no opportunities, the market move on whitout credit  is less than 1%. The value of Good aereas will never decrease at less there is a crisis   We see today that many... Leer más

Equipped Apartment Center

28/12/2012 - Equipped Apartment Center An apartment in downtown Buenos Aires This 1 room apartment with hardwood floors has two double bed in the bedroom. The kitchen is fully equipped with all utensils and appliances needed to cook all the food... Leer más

Apartment For sale Recoleta Buenos Aires

21/12/2012 - We present an excellent property in Buenos Aires for sale in one of the most exclusive areas of the city. Ideal for a family looking to holiday in a property very comfortable with everything you need for your stay. This property has a large... Leer más


17/12/2012 - Apartments Rental Buenos Aires LAST MINUTE DEALS : CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR One of the latest trends when staying in Bue is temporarily renting apartments in these departments have all the... Leer más

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