Its name comes from the surname of the Municipal Mayor Dr. Antonio F. Crespo, who sponsored the installation of the "National Shoe Factory" which was between the current Avda Raúl Scalabrini Ortiz (ex Canning), Av Warnes, Corrientes (ex Triumvirate) and Avenida Juan B. Right, that at that time still known as "Road Minister English", "Moreno Road", "Street of the Dead" and "The Arroyo Maldonado" respectively. The neighborhood's name is due to the auctioneers of those lands, which in honor of Mayor Crespo and encouraged by the Ingersoll Rand family, owner thereof, began to call the place like Villa Crespo, because the auction had demarcated the location future plaza, station, the police precinct, school and other buildings that make a town or village in training.

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